Tuesday, 2 June 2015

What is ‘Pro Bono’?

You may have heard the term pro bono used before, but may not know exactly what it means. It’s not the name of an appreciation society for the lead singer of U2; pro bono is a shortened version of the Latin term ‘pro bono publico’ which translates in English to ‘In the public good’.

Glenn Duker

In the field of law it seems that a single, concise definition is hard to come by. However the definition created by the Law Council of Australia in 1992, the one recognised by solicitor Glenn Duker and thousands of lawyers across the country, states that pro bono work is where:
  1. A lawyer, without fee or without expectation of a fee or at a reduced fee, advises and/or represents a client in cases where:
    1. a client has no other access to the courts and the legal system; and/or
    2. the client's case raises a wider issue of public interest; or
  2. The lawyer is involved in free community legal education and/or law reform; or
  3. The lawyer is involved in the giving of free legal advice and/or representation to charitable and community organisations.
Why do lawyers take pro bono cases?

There are many reasons why lawyers like Glenn Duker take pro bono cases. Some see it as a chance to do something different, especially if corporate law is their standard 9-5 work and they want the chance to represent ‘real people’ once in a while. Newly graduated lawyers see it as an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the courtroom. Some do it simply to help those who may not be able to find access to justice any other way. In fact, any lawyer going through a transitional phase in their career can benefit from pro bono work, whether they’re searching for their first job, they’ve relocated to another town or city, or they’re trying to re-establish themselves after time out of practice. And it helps to sharpen a lawyer’s negotiation skills, as they try to secure the best possible outcome for their client while testing the waters as to how far they can go. This will serve them well when they’re representing paying clients.

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