Tuesday, 2 June 2015

3 more Bizarre Lawsuits

Following on from his last article, ‘4 of the Most Bizarre Lawsuits in the Past Decade’, lawyer Glenn Duker is back to take a look at three more weird and wacky cases.

Glenn Duker
Robert Glaser’s Wee Problem

In March 1995, San Diego man Robert Glaser was at a rock concert at Jack Murphy Stadium when he realised he needed to use a toilet. Unfortunately for Glaser, the stadium had a unisex bathroom policy in place, meaning there were women present in all 7 bathrooms he tried to enter. He claims that he couldn’t go to the toilet due to the embarrassment and emotional distress that their presence caused, forcing him to ‘hold it in’ for four hours. As a result, Glaser attempted to sue both the city and the stadium for $5.4 million dollars. Unfortunately for him, like his hunt for a bathroom that day, the lawsuit was unsuccessful. 

What’s in a name?

In 1997, a man called Bob Craft changed his name to ‘Jack Ass’ to raise awareness of the dangers of drink driving. Unfortunately for Jack Ass, television channel MTV premiered a new show in 2000, titled ‘Jackass’. Jack Ass claimed that the channel had plagiarised his name and attempted to sue for $10 million dollars. 

Wrong Way

In 2009, Utah woman Lauren Rosenberg attempted to sue Google when she chose to follow bad directions provided by Google Maps. The directions instructed her to walk on a busy highway with no sidewalk to reach her destination, which she did. Rosenberg claimed that she trusted Google’s directions to navigate a safe path for her, ignoring her own common sense in the process. She tried to sue for over $100,000 after she was hit by a vehicle after walking on the highway. 

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