Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Weird Laws From Around the World

We’re used to seeing the law as a very sober area; complex, serious, and, to be quite frank, rather dry. But there are some hidden corners of the law that can be quite colourful. Britain is currently undertaking a ‘pruning’ of its laws, clearing away clauses that are now irrelevant and purposeless – some of which go back to 1267!

Glenn Duker, lawyer and solicitor, takes a look at laws from around the world that are strange and fascinating, offering tantalising glimpses into what might have prompted their creation in the first place!

Glenn Duker
  • One of the English Acts due to be repealed is the 1536 act to enlarge the churchyard of St Margaret’s Church in Southwark – very specific!
  • In Portugal, you could be arrested for urinating in the ocean. However, it’s probably fairly easy to hide the evidence of this crime...
  • Drivers in France are legally required to carry a portable Breathalyser in their car. If you’re caught driving without one, you’ll be fined. And don’t think that being a visitor to the country will get you out of it – tourists, this applies to you, too!
  • In South Carolina, US, it is legal to beat your wife on the court house steps on Sundays. One can only imagine the events that led to the passing of this one.
  • However, Alabama wives win something back – at least if they’re married to prison guards, in which case it’s illegal to refer to your spouse as “the old ball and chain”.
  • In Kentucky, it’s illegal to carry an ice-cream in your pocket. Just as well, since this is a crime against ice-cream!
  • In Japan, anything containing pseudoephedrine is banned thanks to strict anti-stimulant laws. So medicines that are over-the-counter here such as Vicks inhalers are prohibited – make sure you don’t take them with you when you visit!
  • In Italy, it is illegal for anyone considered to be obese to wear polyester.
The law can be a strange and wacky thing at times. When you need professional help navigating it, Glenn Duker, lawyer and solicitor, has the expertise to help.

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