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Have A Nice Divorce, with Glenn Duker, Solicitor and Lawyer

As divorce has become more acceptable over the years, not surprisingly it has also become more common – and thus more likely to be amicable. However, everyone knows examples of divorces that haven’t been so friendly – and when these take place in the public eye, they become news.

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Case in point: the high-profile divorce of celebrity chef Bobby Flay and Law and Order: SVU actress Stephanie March.  Originally filed by Flay back in April, the divorce has become a long and bitter fight in court as March disputes the terms of their pre-nup agreement. She has argued that Flay’s cheating is the ultimate reason for the divorce. March also claims she’s entitled to more than the pre-nup offers, believing that her taste testing abilities facilitated the success of his restaurant, and that she never received her share of the prize money won by the racehorse her then-husband gave her as a present. The latest manifestation of all this argy-bargy saw a plane that was flown in the sky above Flay as he unveiled his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, towing a banner that simply read “cheater” throughout the entirety of his speech. March has denied responsibility for this slur.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. An amicable divorce saves you a lot of time and stress, and if there are children involved, it’s obviously better all round. But as long as you haven’t caused acrimony by cheating on your partner, there are steps you can take to avoid a hostile divorce.

The first is to engage the help of an expert (and sensitive) lawyer to help the two of you decide how to best divide your assets. Financial and legal matters of separation can be quite complex and it’s very helpful to have a professional by your side as you negotiate these things. It’s also often very helpful to have a ‘neutral’ mediator to help you arrive at decisions together.

Once you’ve made the final decisions and are both happy with the outcome, you require a solicitor to formalise it in writing. This makes the outcome a binding contract, so you want to be sure the process of its creation has been followed thoroughly. You can challenge it afterwards, but again this is a costly and time-consuming process – and it’s not likely to be successful.

When going through a divorce, make sure you get an expert such as Glenn Duker, solicitor and lawyer to handle your case with thoroughness and sensitivity.

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