Tuesday, 2 June 2015

How to Reduce Lawsuit Abuse

Lawsuit abuse has become an increasingly common problem as of late, with a wave of lawsuits arising for frivolous reasons. But what can be done to reduce the currently high number of lawsuits? Glenn Duker, lawyer and solicitor, believes responsibility lies with individuals. Here are three tips he recommends for anyone considering a lawsuit to help them decide if it’s the right option for them.
Glenn Duker

Decide if it’s worth pursuing

If a potential lawsuit is being considered over something minor, it’s recommended to take a step back and consider if it’s really necessary. It’s also vital to evaluate your chances for success – every year, thousands of lawsuits are simply thrown out of court for being frivolous, wasting both time and money. If your chances of winning aren’t likely, you might want to consider dropping the lawsuit to avoid incurring high legal costs and wasting time.

Try to settle disputes before taking them to court

Negotiation is the key to solving many problems between two parties. If you’re willing to work together, you could arrive at an agreement that doesn’t involve needing to go to court. Through settling your dispute out of court, you can avoid legal costs and preserve time and effort.

Contact a professional lawyer to provide helpful advice

If you’re unsure if a lawsuit is the right option for you, it’s strongly recommended to consult a lawyer such as Glenn Duker to provide professional advice. A legal professional can inform you of your chances of winning, as well as providing useful help throughout a case if a lawsuit is pursued. They may also be able to help you pursue a non-litigious way to resolve the problem.

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