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Famous Inheritance Disputes with Lawyer and Solicitor Glenn Duker

Wills and estates can be contentious beasts. They’re essential in that they give the departed person a legally binding way to pass on their assets and possessions, but wills can be challenged by parties who believe they haven’t been sufficiently provided for by the estate. The challenging of an estate can be damaging to an already fractured family dynamic; we see it played out over the news when a well known person who isn’t short of money or assets passes away. Specialist wills and estate lawyer and solicitor Glenn Duker looks at some of the better known inheritance disputes.
Glenn Duker

Robin Williams’ children vs Susan Schneider Williams

The world was stunned when much-loved comic actor Robin Williams took his own life in 2014. His family is currently in the middle of a dispute over his estate, with his third wife Susan challenging his three children over the allocation of money, property and personal belongings as stated in Robin’s will. In the three years that they were married, Robin set up a trust under Susan’s name which included a California property as well as other assets. She is now believed to be seeking further funds that would go towards the ‘expenses associated with daily upkeep as well as some unexpected renovations’. Robin’s three children believe that she is motivated by greed, which is why the two parties are dueling it out in court.

Pierce Marshall Vs Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall III

We’re all familiar with the Anna Nicole Smith story. 26 year old former Playboy Playmate marries 89 year old billionaire oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II. Marshall dies 14 months into the marriage, as people of that age tend to do, and he leaves his $1.6 billion fortune to his stepson E. Pierce Marshall. Neither Anna Nicole nor Marshall’s namesake son James Howard III were provided for in his will. They combined to challenge E. Pierce’s stake in a legal battle that lasted years. Judges ruled both for and against Smith in separate decisions over the years, but she ultimately never got to see a cent before she died in 2007. E. Pierce Marshall passed away a year earlier. The case was closed in 2011 after it had evolved into a challenge between the estates of Smith (the plan was to put the money into a trust for her young daughter) and E.Pierce Marshall, with the judge ruling the inheritance would go to the Marshall estate.

Drafting a will can have lasting repercussions long after you’ve passed away, so it’s important toupdate it when necessary. For all your will and estate matters, be sure to speak to an experienced specialist in the area such as Glenn Duker.

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5 of The World’s Most Expensive Divorces

Divorce is never fun – but as the saying goes, mo’ money, mo’ problems! When there’s a large fortune at stake, the stakes are raised indeed. Glenn Duker, lawyer and solicitor, takes a look at some of the most expensive divorces in history and shows that the very rich are very different from you and me!

Adnan Khashoggi and Soraya Khashoggi – $874 million

Adnan Khashoggi made a crust as a Saudi arms dealer and entrepreneur. He and his wife filed for divorce in 1974, but it took 5 years for Soraya to sue for cash in the wake of their split. The original figure she was aiming for was $2.54 billion, but in the end she had to content herself with a mere $874 million. Still, there’s no doubt this hurt her ex-husband in the pocket – he was reduced from billionaire status to a mere millionaire in 2007.

Frank McCourt and Jamie McCourt – $130 million

McCourt, in this case, is not the Irish author of worldwide hit Angela’s Ashes but instead an American businessman and sports fanatic who owns the Los Angeles marathon and also has a controlling interest in LA baseball team, the Dodgers. It seems that sports may have come between Frank and his wife of 30 years – the day after the Dodgers were eliminated from the playoffs in 2009, Jamie was also eliminated as the Dodgers’ CEO. She filed for divorce soon after and the estranged spouses argued in court over who got custody of the team. In the end, Jamie relinquished her claim on the Dodgers for the $130 million sum – in what ended up being, at that point, the costliest divorce in Californian history.

Michael and Juanita Jordan – $168 million

Juanita filed for divorce in 2002. However, initially the couple – whom reportedly had enjoyed a romantic marriage full of roses and candlelit dinners – tried to make it work. Sadly, despite their best efforts, the marriage ended in 2006after 17 years of marriage and three children together. But even though the dissolution may have proved costly to Michael, things still seemed to end on a friendly note, with the couple leaving the courtroom together to watch their son play in a basketball game.

Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving – $100 million

Amy Irving auditioned for Close Encounters of the Third Kind. She didn’t get the part, but she did get a very close encounter with the film’s director – marriage.They were only joined in matrimony for four years before deciding to split. They did have a pre-nuptial agreement (apparently scribbled on a napkin, so perhaps the outcome isn’t too surprising), but Irving was able to successfully challenge it because she had no legal representation when this “contract” was signed. The $100 million was about half of Spielberg’s riches at the time – today, he is worth $3 billion.

Roman Abramovich and Irina Malandina – $300 million

Abramovich is one of the business tycoons of the new Russia, who was worth about $12 billion. Suspecting her husband of having an affair with young model Daria Zhukova (there were multiple reported sightings of the two together across a range of countries), she filed for divorce after 15 years. Though the press reported she could get up to $6 billion from her ex, she ended up settling for a mere $300 million, thanks to Abramovich’s savvy decision to divorce in Britain, where divorcees do not have a claim on partner’s future earnings and also have to prove their ex’s wealth.

If you’re facing an upcoming divorce and need expert advice and assistance, lawyer and solicitor Glenn Duker has the expertise and knowledge to help – get in touch today.

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What happens when a company experiences financial trouble?

When a company gets into financial hardship, it is likely to go into one of four financial states listed below. These are:
  • Voluntary administration
  • Placed into Liquidation
  • Voluntary Liquidation
  • Receivership
Glenn Duker, lawyer and solicitor, explains these terms.

Glenn Duker
Voluntary administration

A company is placed into voluntary administration for the purpose of assessing its viability and whether it can continue to trade and pay creditors. This is an insolvency procedure where an administrator, who is a person external to the company, is appointed to manage it during this period. The administrator will be in charge of the company’s assets and affairs, report to ASIC, assist in preparing a Deed of Company arrangement, report to creditors and determine if the company should be wound up.

Voluntary liquidation

Voluntary liquidation is when the members of the company no longer want the company to continue trading. The liquidation is not forced upon the company by the court and a company in this state is not insolvent.

Placing a company into liquidation

A company is placed into liquidation if it is insolvent – meaning it is unable to pay the debts owed.
Once the company is placed into liquidation, a liquidator is appointed to assess the assets of the company. All remaining assets will be sold and reported to ASIC and creditors. The funds gained will then be distributed amongst creditors and shareholders and finally, the company will be deregistered.


A company will go into receivership when an independent receiver is appointed by a secured creditor to take control of some or all of the company’s assets. The receiver is tasked with collecting and selling enough of the charged assets to repay the debt owed to the creditor.

If your company is facing financial difficulty and you require expert legal advice, please get in touch with lawyer and solicitor Glenn Duker today.

The Dangers of Being Declared Bankrupt

When it comes to being served with a bankruptcy notice, it is vital to know that failing to take any immediate action can result in severe consequences.  A creditor can apply to a court to have you declared bankrupt in the event that you fail to comply. This is deemed to be an “act of bankruptcy” and this financial state will usually last for 3 years.

Glenn Duker
So what can you expect once you are declared bankrupt? Lawyer and solicitor Glenn Duker outlines four key consequences.

1. A third party will manage your financial affairs

Once bankrupt, the managements and control of your financial matters will be handed over to a trustee in bankruptcy. This person has the power to sell your assets to pay your debts.

You are required to report any changes in your financial circumstances to your trustee. This includes any changed in your income, or if you have obtained new assets such as prizes or a lottery win. Your trustee can also ask you to hand over your passport. Therefore, if you want to travel overseas, you must first obtain permission from your trustee.

2. Assets may be sold to pay debts

If you have debts, your trustee can sell off your assets to pay out those debts, which means you could lose your home and car.

3. Your employment may be affected

Becoming a declared bankrupt may affect your eligibility to work in some industries.  These professions or trades include lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, builders, plumbers and more. As well, a bankrupt cannot be a director of, or manage, a company without the Court’s permission.

4. Credit rating

Once declared bankrupt, your name will appear permanently on the National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII). NPII is a register maintained by The Australian Financial Security Authority which records information relating to insolvency matters, and it can be searched by the public.

The NPII is typically used by credit reporting agencies to obtain information on individuals. Banks and utility companies will use the resulting credit reports to decide whether they will lend you money. That can make it extremely difficult for a person who has been declared bankrupt to obtain loans or credit in the future, even after the bankruptcy ends.

As bankruptcy can have serious consequences, please seek legal advice from a professional such as lawyer and solicitor Glenn Duker. He will discuss options that may be available for you, including the possibility of applying to a court to have the bankruptcy notice set aside.

I just turned 25. Can I write a Will?

You just celebrated your 25th birthday and you feel great. You are young and you have your whole life ahead of you – the world is your oyster!

Glenn Duker
But what happens in the event of an untimely death? What will happen to your assets and property when you are no longer here? Lawyers and solicitor, Glenn Duker, says it doesn’t hurt to write your will now. After all, life is full of the unexpected – it is always best to be prepared.

A will allows you to control how your property and belongings are divided after your death. You can be sure that your family is looked after and that your legacy is preserved. With this document, you can appoint your estate’s administrator and indicate who you wish to care for your children, if you have them.

If you die without a will, the government retains the right to distribute your estate according to a legal formula. The process of settling an estate can be long and complicated, often resulting in disputes between family members. Therefore, a clear and up-to-date will ensure that your assets end up with the people you choose to give it to, and that difficult time for your family can be made much easier.

What are the legal requirements for a Will?

The legal requirements for a will differ from state to state. However there exist three main requirements:
  1. You must be over 18 years of age and of sound mind
  2. Your wishes must be clearly indicated in writing
  3. Two witnesses must be present when you sign the Will
While it may be unusual to prepare a will at 25 years of age, it pays to be well prepared especially if you have property or a family.

If you’re looking to draft your Will, contact a professional such as lawyer Glenn Duker today. He will ensure your Will complies with the local state law and provide trusted legal advice.

For business sale or purchase matter- Glenn Duker

It is not an easy matter to sale or purchase existing businesses. It requires a well-handled legal process and an expert’s guidance to complete it. Glenn Duker is a renowned lawyer who has gained the respect and faith among the clients due to his expert legal advices and excellent legal practices.

Glenn duker, solicitor understands the complexities associated with the business sale and purchase matter and offers a great deal of attention on the legal matters associated with it. From protecting the interests of the client to successful documentation completion, he knows everything. He is capable enough to create a win-win situation for both the parties without making any mishaps or blunders in the process.

Other than business sale and purchase, Glenn duker, lawyer also does legal practice on serious legal matters like family dispute, child custody, litigation, conveyancing, etc. he has carved a niche for himself by offering accurate, transparent and valuable legal practices for his clients.

You can visit to know more about glenn duker. 

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Harry Potter and the Alleged Copyright Infringements

Written by a single mother over many hours in cafes throughout the city of Edinburgh, the Harry Potter series has gone on to become aglobal success, inspiring blockbuster movies, countless pages of fan-fiction,and various toys and knock-offs. Naturally,it has also inspired hours of litigation over copyright- and other more surprising issues as well. Glenn Duker, lawyer and solicitor, takes a brief tour of all things Harry Potter - and litigation.

Glenn Duker
Rowling Vs Vander Ark

Steven Vander Ark was a serious Harry Potter fan who painstakingly constructed an exhaustive online reference guide called the Harry Potter Lexicon. Although Vander Ark and Rowling initially enjoyed a friendly relationship, it cooled considerably upon the revelation that US-based publisher, RDR books, intended to publish a print version of the website.

In the resulting court case, Rowling argued that the book would harm the chances of her own intended encyclopedia about the series, the proceeds of which were to be donated to charity. Also, when RDR Books argued that their use of her work was allowed in the standard of "reasonable use" for a reference guide, Rowling countered the book exceeded such limits, appropriating her writing wholesale and failing to add "transformative" material that added to cultural appreciation and knowledge of the originals. In the end, the judge sided with Rowling, and Vander Ark was reduced to tears in the courtroom when asked about the impact of the case on his life.

The Shoe on the Other Foot

However, Rowling has also been on the other side of an intellectual propertystoush - and on more than one occasion. In 2011, the estate of the late Adrian Jacobs intended to launch a $15 million lawsuit against her for a perceived infringement of his book "Willy the Wizard." However, attempts to carry this out in both the US and the UK ultimately failed. American author Nancy Stouffer also accused Rowling of stealing ideas; this mainly centeredaround her assertion that she had invented the term "muggles" in her 1984 story "The Legend of Rah and the Muggles". She also claimed a character called Larry Potter, a dark haired boy with glasses, had been purloined by Rowling as well.

In the end, however, Stouffer's case was also dismissed by Rowling and a crack legal team, with counter-accusations that Stouffer had defrauded the court with false documents and untruthful testimony - including the retroactive addition of the word "muggle" into older documents.

Other Sundry Legal Actions

Warner Bros Group, the conglomerate behind the Harry Potter movies, once launched a lawsuit against a group constructing a facade for a Hindu religious festival. The reason? They were using the image of Hogwarts, Harry Potter's school, without permission. In 2005, a security guard stole some pages from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince before it was released, intending to blackmail the publishers by threatening to leak them. He threatened the journalist who exposed him with a gun and ended up in jail for four years. In addition to these cases, Rowling and her publisher have threatened injunctions against anyone who might reveal anything from the books before their official release date. This has caused controversy from civil liberties campaigners, who argue that this infringes upon personal freedoms.

Who knew that The Boy Who Lived would inspire so many turns in the courtroom? If you have an issue of copyright infringement, or someone is making such accusations against you and you need professional advice, contact Glenn Duker, lawyer and solicitor.

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What’s In A Name? Disputes Over Band Names with Glenn Duker, Lawyer and Solicitor

Hybrid Theory, Verve, The New Yardbirds and Mookie Blaylock. Four very popular bands found on many a music fan’s playlists the world over. No, really. You will have heard of them. That’s because these are the original names of these four popular bands before legal action forced them to change to the one we now all know and love. Find out just who these bands became, with specialist trademark lawyer and solicitor Glenn Duker.

Glenn Duker
Hybrid Theory

This band went by the name Hybrid Theory until a fellow US based band called Hybrid kicked up a fuss and threatened legal action. They considered several other monikers including Clear, Probing Lagers, Ten PM Stocker and Platinum Lotus Foundation before settling on Lincoln Park. Unfortunately the band at that point couldn’t afford the domain name for their website so they changed the spelling and Linkin Park was born.

The New Yardbirds

James Patrick Page was guitarist for a band called The Yardbirds between 1966 and 1968, replacing Eric Clapton and performing alongside Jeff Beck. After the band split in 1968, Page decided to form his own, which he called The New Yardbirds. He received a cease and desist order from former bandmate Chris Dreja, forcing Page to change the name of the band. Page complied, and that was how Led Zeppelin came to be.


After famous jazz label Verve caught wind of a British band using the same name, they sought legal action that resulted in the band simply adding the word The to their name. And so The Verve was born.

Mookie Blaylock

This Seattle band took their name from that of NBA player Mookie Blaylock and named their first album Ten after his jersey number. Unfortunately Blaylock the player was still very much active in basketball, therefore his name was considered a brand which meant Mookie Blaylock the band had to change their name. They changed to Pearl Jam, and haven’t looked back since.

Lawyer and solicitor Glenn Duker specialises in all trademark law matters. If you would like to trademark your product or wish to take legal action against another party you believe is breaching trademark laws, get in touch with us today.

Wills & Estates – Glenn Duker, Solicitor and Lawyer, Discusses Digital Property

The reason for a will is to convey your property to your loved ones when you pass away. We have a tendency to consider property unmistakable – even shares are spoken to on paper as endorsements. Be that as it may, in our fearless new world, property can tackle a considerably more ethereal structure; specifically the unending parade of zeroes and ones that makes up double code. Welcome to the 21st century, and computerized property. Trust an accomplished aide like Glenn Duker, solicitor, to help you secure your advantages.

Glenn Duker
This issue stood out as truly newsworthy several years back when British paper the Daily Mail reported that Hollywood performing artist Bruce Willis was preparing for a battle with Apple. Willis, the story went, needed to hand down his iTunes music gathering to his girls. Be that as it may, when he figured out Apple's terms of utilization restricted this; he arranged to mount a fight in court against the organization to case what was legitimately his.

Despite the fact that CNN brightly expressed that "Bruce Willis has vanquished terrorists, cellar attackers and the barriers of Cybil Shepherd, but in his three decades in Hollywood he might not have confronted as overwhelming an adversary as Apple," the story ended up being fanciful. The issues it raises, in any case, are most certainly not.

A hefty portion of us hold truly noteworthy resources – whether its photographs, music, books or cash – on advanced stages. A great deal of us may not by any means consider the estimation of our accumulations, until we lose our tablet or cell phone. Online bank accounts, which regularly have no "paper trail" by any means, can get to be lost posthumous if nobody yet the record holder knew of their presence.

Nowadays, advanced resources can be very much a critical piece of a man's bequest. Glenn Duker, lawyer, can give accommodating counsel on the most proficient method to stay aware of the times and incorporate advanced property in your new or upgraded will.

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Glenn Duker, Lawyer And Solicitor, Talks About Subleasing And Its Advantages

If you have a small business, it is very costly to go for commercial leasing, especially if you are just starting your venture where there is no long term assurance. However, there is a solution for you and that is sub leasing. It can be the perfect option if documented properly under the guidance of an expert like Glenn Duker, solicitor.

Glenn Duker
Subleasing is the lease of all or a segment of premises by an occupant who has themselves rented them from the proprietor. A few assertions explicitly restrict this, or possibly oblige authorization from the proprietor first; don't ever consent to a sublease before you are certain of states of the first rent understanding. In the event that you are the first inhabitant expecting to compose a sublease, remember it immovably that you're still capable to make rent instalment to the proprietor through the term of the first document. It's so essential to verify you have satisfactory securities set up to cover you if things go pear-formed!

Sub-renting can be an aid to boutique organizations, as well as to bigger organizations that discover themselves with surplus space on account of rebuilding. In this circumstance, sub-renting can offer a more (income) positive different option for discounting the expenses of empty limit; however it can likewise be convoluted.

Some conceivable downsides that ought to be considered before going into a sub-lease:
  • This rental course of action frequently implies you have less control over the way you can utilize the space, because of the states of the first archive. This may repress how you can present and brand your business.
  • Any arrangements may turn into a three-route (at any rate) undertaking between you, the sub-resident, and the first proprietor.
  • Make beyond any doubt you are exceptionally mindful of what your sub-lessor's business is and make certain that it won't meddle or conflict with your own.
For further counsel on these issues, contact Glenn Duker, lawyer.

Glenn Duker Lawyer and Solicitor – Explains Probate, and How to Apply For It

What is probate? It is a process to prove the will of the deceased person in the court. It is generally presented to show that if there is a will or not. It is advisable to hire a professional lawyer like Glenn Duker to complete the process lawfully.

Glenn Duker
Let’s see both the scenarios one by one:

Where There’s a Will

Critical assets can't be conveyed without a stipend of probate, so the individual named as agent by the will typically needs to apply. Notwithstanding, if the domain is insignificant, an award of probate may not be important for administration. On the other hand, if the will is damaged or somebody provokes it, probate might not be conceivable to acquire.

Where There Isn't a Will

A probate can't be gotten without a will. On the other hand maybe the will exists however no agent has been selected, or the agent named wouldn't like to apply. In these cases, it’s important for the court to either select a chairman or award "letters of organization". Seeking this gift is complex, so it’s crucial to get great lawful counsel amid this procedure.

Probate can be sought in individual or you can get a specialist to do it for you. This is particularly prudent if the home is a convoluted one. On the off chance that it has any of the circumstances recorded underneath, captivating the administrations of an accomplished legal advisor in the field like Glenn Duker, solicitor, is judicious.
  • The terms of a will are not clear
  • Part of the bequest is to go to youngsters less than 18 years old
  • The individual who kicked the bucket has left cash or property in a trust
  • The individual who kicked the bucket possessed land or property abroad
  • The individual who kicked the bucket possessed a business
  • Anyone is liable to clash the will.

Why Did Prince Change His Name to an Unpronounceable Symbol? With Lawyer and Solicitor Glenn Duker

On June 7, musician Prince turned 57 years old. He’s done quite a lot throughout his career, having released his first album as a 21 year old in 1978, but the thing people most associate with him these days is his highly unusual change of name in the mid 1990s. Glenn Duker, lawyer and solicitor looks at the reason for this bold move, and the parallels between it and employment law.

Glenn Duker
From Prince to (or The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)

Prince has used a lot of pseudonyms throughout his career; Jamie Starr, Alexander Nevermind and Christopher Tracy among them, but they were always aligned to work he did for other acts. But to change your name to what was essentially an unpronounceable symbol when you’ve built up a distinct brand under the one name over 15 years was going to be risky at best.

So why did he do it?

Prince was under contract at the time to Warner Records. Like the contracts you and I sign when we begin at a new workplace, there were conditions and expectations that he had negotiated and ones he was expected to abide by. Since 1978 he was releasing an album a year (except for 1983), compared to other acts of the time who put out new product usually every two or three years. This still wasn’t enough for Prince, who wanted to get even more music out into the market. However, Warner Brothers wanted him to dial back his existing rate of output for fear of flooding the market. Prince got fed up with his employers and tried to get out of his contract. He was unable to do so, and so in response – whether it was just a tantrum or there was some strategy behind it – he changed his name in 1993 to. Now referred to by the public as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, he took to writing the word Slave on his face as a statement his perceived treatment from his record label. In 2000 his contract with Warner Brothers ended, and TAFKAP reverted back to Prince once again.

While you and I might not have the profile that Prince has, we all want to feel we’re being treated fairly at work and compensated properly for the work that we do. We certainly have the right to. If you’re negotiating a workplace contract and wish to seek legal assistance from a lawyer and solicitor who specialises in employment law, make an appointment with Glenn Duker today.

What is Defamation? with Glenn Duker; Lawyer and Solicitor

“All people know the same truth. Our lives consist of how we choose to distort it.”- Woody Allen

Glenn Duker
 Defamation is the act of damaging the reputation of another person, business or organisation either through innuendo or explicit accusation. Australian law follows the notion that everyone is of good character until proven otherwise; innocent until proven guilty. If a false statement or digitally altered photograph is used to tarnish the character of said person, business or organisation and is successful in doing so, the wronged party could seek legal action for being defamed.

Defamation typically occurs in two ways – libel and slander. Here is the difference between the two.

The difference between libel and slander

Slander and libel achieve the same outcome in two different ways. Slander occurs when a person publishes defamatory claims or accusations in a non-permanent form. For example, we all would have heard radio shock jocks like Alan Jones or Steve Price make outlandish claims when on air. However, if they were to make such a claim about a person that was a blatant lie that would be defamation? The form of defamation this takes is slander because the claim was spoken on air – heard by listeners but not recorded in hard copy format – rather than permanently documented on paper or on the internet.

Libel, on the other hand, occurs when a person or business publishes defamatory statements on a permanent media format, for example in a newspaper column or widely read blog. To use the shock jock example again, if Alan Jones or Steve Price were to make those same claims in an article published in the daily newspaper, it would be considered libel because the accusations are there for anyone to read at any time.

Lawyer and solicitor Glenn Duker can help you if you believed you have been defamed in print, online or on the air. Call our offices to see how we can help you.

Glenn Duker- Protect Yourself From Bizarre Lawsuits And Cases

People often say, "Why should we hire a lawyer"? We don't do any illegal activities and obey all the rules and regulations perfectly. Of course, that is true. Unfortunately, it is not true with everyone. Any given time, you can face the lawsuit about bizarre events you can';t even imagine. There are an over the top measure of strange claims every last year that most individuals from the overall population would not even be mindful of. We may not prefer to consider it, but rather we're all in consistent danger of lawful activity - any dolt can fall off the road with an amazing case. It's an astounding thought to dependably be ensured by a legal advisor you can trust and depend on - that is the place Glenn Duker, specialist, comes in.

Glenn Duker
Sporadically, an interesting story will show up - frequently from our American companions, particularly those in Tinsel town. Frequently these stories highlight the way that arbitrary, practically endless claims can show up from anyplace. Take this one for instance: A Detroit lady named Sarah Deming recorded a suit against American film merchant Film District. Deming guaranteed that they had wronged her by dishonestly publicizing the 2011 faction film "Drive", featuring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan.

The film was portrayed as takes after - a baffling Hollywood double, technician and getaway driver terrains himself into a bad situation when he assists his neighbour. Deming preferred the sound of that, and was much more energized in the wake of viewing the auto pursue filled, activity stuffed motion picture trailer. Subsequent to taking a seat and watching the film - a moderate smoulder show with snippets of dangerous savagery (however insufficient activity, clearly) - Deming was profoundly unsatisfied. She asserted that the promotions had guaranteed a rush ride likened to something from the 'Fast & Furious' establishment.

What did she need for her inconveniences? Her cash back, an expression of remorse - however hold up, she wasn't done yet! Deming needed to roll the entire thing into a class activity suit and focus on every film wholesaler trying to put an end to studios publicizing a motion picture as one thing and conveying another.

Of course, you don';t run a Hollywood studio, but you may witness any unwanted incidents in your life just like Film District. It is better to have an attorney like Glenn Duker, solicitor, to protect you from all of them.

Glenn Duker Enlightens On The Issues Of The Trademarks And Intellectual Property Protection

In the event that you have an organization name, expression, logo, or anything particular and remarkable in your marking - enrolling a trademark is an essential approach to ensure your protected innovation. When a trademark is set up, the proprietor is shielded legitimately from different organizations repeating or creating something like the first. Glenn Duker, Solicitor is here to help you with any lawful related enquiries.
Over the course of the years there have been numerous goal-oriented, furthermore downright idiotic endeavours at trademarks. Here are some acclaimed samples that are certain to produce some entertainment.

Harley Davidson - The motor sound

While there have been numerous fruitful trademarks of sounds before, Harley Davidson went a bit too far in endeavouring to brand the sound of their revving motor. Contending makers made the point that numerous different motors sound precisely the same, and the case was rapidly tossed out.

Tram - The "footlong" sub

Celebrated for their 'Footlong Sub', Subway is has lost the fight with contending fast food chains including Pizza Hut and KFC over the utilization of 'footlong'. It was resolved that "footlong" was frequently utilized as a part of the nourishment business and was not extraordinary to Subway. 

McDonalds- We own 'Mc'!

While McDonalds have appreciated accomplishment with trademarks in the past-, for example, the argument against "McCoffee" - they have been unsuccessful in putting proprietorship on the "Mc" prefix. It was resolved for a situation against Malaysian eatery McCurry that McDonalds did not have elite rights to 'Mc'.
For more exhortation and help enrolling your trademark and shielding yourself from marking robbery, please contact Glenn Duker, Lawyer, now.

Glenn Duker On Why You Need A Lawyer At Your Side In Bizarre Legal Situations

Australia and other countries of the world are littered with a mixture of peculiar legitimate circumstances, whether the reason is unimportant claims, instances of wrong-place wrong-time or - in all honesty - honest instances of ineptitude. You would be stunned at how regularly the offended parties of stunning, crazy claims are compensated - that is the reason its urgent to have a legal counsellor and specialist, as Glenn Duker in your corner - somebody you can trust.
Glenn Duker

Our reality can be a bit insane at the under the most favourable circumstances. The following are only a couple instances of legitimate insanity.

Teen Trespassers $24m Score

A few absurd and fantastically lucky youngsters were honoured a huge $24m after they were harmed on a modern site - the greater part of this event, obviously, after they had unlawfully softened up for a little evening time skateboarding.

Michel Jordan Doppelganger

An American man turned out to be so tired of being confused for Michael Jordan that he chose to sue both Jordan and the proprietor of the Chicago Bulls for over $800m. At the point when asked how he went to that figure, his reaction was extremely valuable, "Well, you figure with my age and you reproduce that times seven and, ah, then I pivot and, ah, I assume that is the thing that it all comes down to".

Batman, Turkey

The inhabitants of the brilliantly named town of Batman in Turkey responded gravely to the late arrangement of Warner Bros. movies coordinated by Christopher Nolan by suing both Nolan and the organization for utilizing the name of their town without authorization. Staggeringly, they likewise asserted that the film arrangement was at fault for the surprisingly high suicide rate among neighbourhood ladies.

The greater part of this shows that lawful inconvenience can originate from the most unusual, irregular events and it’s generally a smart thought to be secured by a legal counsellor and specialist you can depend on - somebody like Glenn Duker.

Glenn Duker Talks about the Big Screen and Hollywood

Hollywood tends to play for the emotional, especially in a decent, antiquated film court case. We all adoration watching a touch of dramatization develop, the length of we're not at the focal point of it ourselves. Films have a method for ingraining a certified feeling of the dramatic into what might customarily be a stuffy, printed material loaded climate. With years of involvement in a mixture of lawful fields, Glenn Duker, specialist and legal counsellor, is superbly suited to taking care of your - ideally less sensational - court confrontation.

Glenn Duker
Whether you take a gander at legitimate classics like 12 Angry Men, Inherit the Wind, or The Miracle on 34th Street - Hollywood has advanced the part of the attorney in equivalent amounts of legend and scalawag. Who can overlook Atticus Finch into Kill a Mockingbird? The excellent character that doubtlessly dispatched a large number legitimate professions and aspirations, and is - right up 'til today - still the pop social reference of everything fair and great about the lawful framework and the legal advisors and specialists that work inside of it.

Closer to home, we've had classics, for example, Breaker Morant, which conveyed to light a legitimate circumstance that was ineffectively taken care of - unfortunately, to the weakness of those included. That is the thing that the lawful framework is about - battling against things that aren't right.

Obviously we have advanced classics like Tom Hanks exceptional turn in Philadelphia, or the execution of Julia Roberts in the Academy Award-winning Erin Brockovich. For some individuals, A Few Good Men will be the champion court stoush that rings a bell, and who could reprimand them? What's that celebrated line once more? Hmm, don't bother.

Concerning the truth of regular life and the flighty legitimate issues that can be tossed your direction - you know you can depend on the administrations of Glenn Duker, legal advisor and specialist, to secure you and your advantages.

How to Choose the Right Lawyer – With Glenn Duker, Lawyer and Solicitor

The greater part of legitimate procedures can be offensive for those included. They're distressing, time intensive and regularly extravagant. One little step you can take to make things run that smidgen smoother is to contract the administrations of an accomplished, qualified attorney and specialist - and that is the place Glenn Duker, solicitor, comes in.
Glenn Duker

The most essential things you need to consider when picking the right legal advisor and specialist are:


Experience is basic in the act of law. It's important to the point that you have a lawyer with direct experience guarding customers in a wide mixture of legitimate circumstances. Ask yourself, "Are they talented in the field of law that I require for my case?" What you need to see is particular, nitty gritty learning of the territory/s relating to you. You wouldn't have you auto altered via auto salesperson okay? You'd need an accomplished workman.


And experience, you need compelling correspondence that you can get it. There's nothing more terrible than taking a seat and listening to a pack of unfathomable language - you need straightforward clarity. There's a contrast between talking down to somebody and clarifying things in a design that is anything but difficult to take after. That is the thing that you need in a decent attorney. That is the thing that you'll get with Glenn Duker.

Customized methodology:

Consider your choices. Would you like to run with an expansive firm where you might simply be a gear-tooth in a huge machine? Then again do you need a littler, customized methodology – where you and your case matter? When all is said in done, you may find that a littler firm has more opportunity to commit to you.

For the right legal advisor and specialist, look no more distant than Glenn Duker - for experience, correspondence and a customized approach.

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Glenn Duker’s Advice on Key Points to Consider When Making an Employee Termination Payment

Employees are qualified for a termination pay when their position is made repetitive. This, basically, is the fiscal rights that are lawfully because of them. Case in point, they may be qualified for pay in lieu of notification or severance pay, and they will be qualified for being paid out the yearly leave that they have gathered.

Glenn Duker

As an employer, you are lawfully needed to pay your colleagues a termination installment when you release them.

This may be a mistaking range for unpractised directors, as there are a couple of viewpoints to audit before you make the installment. Before concluding installment to a withdrawing employee, you have to consider a couple of things to focus the perfect add up to pay. 

Here are some key inquiries to consider:
  1. Are they qualified for a termination pay?
  2. What sort of termination pay is they really qualified for, e.g. notification pays, severance pay, and so forth.
  3. Will they be keeping on working until the finish of their notification date?
  4. Are they qualified for severance pay?
  5. What are their yearly leave and/or long administration leave qualifications?
  6. Is there whatever other installments needed for the employee under?
    • Their contract of livelihood?
    • A termination endeavour assertion?
    • A present day honour?
  7. What is the expense payable?
  8. What expense exclusions request severance pay?
When you have addressed these inquiries, make certain to twofold check your figures before finishing the installment. You might likewise decide to look for assistance from a monetary counsel to check figures.
For more data or in the event that you require exhortation with respect to this matter, kindly don't falter to contact legal advisor and specialist Glenn Duker.

Glenn Duker, Lawyer, Explains About The Importance Of Informing Employees About Redundancies?

Did you realize that as a manager, you may have a commitment to counsel representatives about redundancies? Actually, all venture agreements and cutting edge honours contain a statement that obliges you to advise your staff before any significant work environment changes that are prone to influence them are executed. This will, obviously, incorporate redundancies.

Glenn Duker
This commitment can emerge under work contracts, endeavour assertions or current honours. In the event that you neglect to meet your necessity to counsel, you may be putting yourself at genuine lawful dangers.
It is not viewed as a certifiable excess in the event that you neglect to counsel with your worker before his/her conservation, along these lines the real repetition exception won't have any significant bearing. This stances as an issue for you, as the conserved worker will be qualified to apply to the Fair Work Commission for an answer with respect to their charged uncalled for rejection.

This can be maintained a strategic distance from with keen counsel from a legal advisor or specialist like Glenn Duker and an alternate result can be come to on the off chance that you consent to the interview commitments. For instance, in the event that you had counselled with your representative and have made them repetitive because of operational prerequisites in the same time allotment, the Fair Work Commission is unrealistic to decide that the rejection was brutal, uncalled for or irrational.

Your danger and introduction to an out of line release case relies on upon whether the worker being referred to has any pertinent data that could prompt his/her maintaining a strategic distance from conservation. This may incorporate thoughts regarding redeployment or clearing up some misguided judgment in regards to their choice for excess.

For more definite data of on the off chance that you require any help with this matter, please contact legal counsellor and specialist, Glenn Duker, a pro you can depend on.

Glenn Duker, Solicitor, and the Perfect will write

Your last will and confirmation is a discriminatingly vital authoritative archive, and one that ought to be considered important. The quantity of cases identifying with issues created by an inadequately a composed archive - or none through and through – is stunning. That is the reason it is so critical to enroll the administrations of a solid legal counsellor – like Glenn Duker.
Glenn Duker

According to a research conducted by various agencies, 45% of Australians die without a legal testament and will. This causes a wide range of issues for families. Dying without a will is known as 'dying intestate'. For this situation, the law chooses who your benefits go to by utilizing a set equation.

Drafting your own particular will is one of the most straightforward individual law records you can write. Attempting it yourself to spare cash is not such an awful thought. On the off chance that you need to dodge issues from past the grave in any case, having the expert help of an accomplished specialist is prudent. Life is erratic, so it’s generally a smart thought to be arranged. The following are tips for drafting the will that will stand up in a court of law.

  • Include physical resources, budgetary resources and belonging of wistful worth
  • Be particular. Use however much detail as could be expected to portray the assets that you are leaving and to whom they're left to
  • Choose a commendable agent. This is the individual who will be taking care of the dissemination of your benefits
  • Sign the document yourself in the vicinity of two witnesses.
For additional data and expert help with composing your will, please look for the administrations of Glenn Duker, lawyer.

Glenn Duker Discusses About The Nortel Corporation Fallout And The Importance Of Intellectual Property Rights

If you want to learn how importance your business’s intellectual rights are, you should definitely follow the case of Nortel Networks Corporation. One of its kind company who collapsed and the partners and founders are fighting for the possession of the intellectual property rights. You will also know what happens to your intellectual property rights in the event of bankruptcy. Furthermore, you also will get an idea why you need an expert lawyer like Glenn Duker to protect your rights.

Glenn Duker
Nortel was established in Montreal, Quebec, in 1895, and to start with was unquestionably Canadian. By the late 90s the organization had turn into a multinational element with arms in different nations. Skimming high in the web bubble, it represented more than 33% of the aggregate valuation of all postings on the Toronto Stock Exchange and utilized 94,500 around the world - 25,900 of these in Canada.

Then again, after the crash down, Nortel gradually broke apart in a blaze of business downturn, slamming offer costs and bookkeeping outrage. On January 14, 2009 the enterprise petitioned for assurance from its banks in the United States, Canada and the UK.

The contention over the division of the organization's benefits has been in court for a considerable length of time. The liquidation has yielded $7.3 billion, and $4.5 billion of that aggregate figure is spoken to by IP and patents. The court discuss centreson this inquiry: does Nortel Networks Ltd, the Canadian guardian, claim the licenses and protected innovation? Alternately is responsibility for resources shared between the guardian and its auxiliaries in the US and UK? All three nations have a huge number of leasers battling for their offer, and the contention on both sides is energetic.

The case is in its last stage and is being heard by two judges, One Canadian and another American. However, it will be very interesting to know what will be the result. It is but obvious that the party who loses the case, will appeal in the high court.

As a lawyer who has experience in IP rights and corporate law, Glenn Duker, solicitor, can advise you on how to approach this kind of situation in court and get the best result.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Glenn Duker, Lawyer and Solicitor, Discusses Who Owns Your Downloaded Music After You Die

As more and more people shift towards streaming music from the internet over downloading their own copies (legally or illegally!), we have to remember that it wasn’t that long ago that streaming just wasn’t an option for many of us. We would have to pay $1.69 - $2.19 for a single track, or $8.99 - $16.99 and beyond for a full album to iTunes and download it to our smartphones or hard drives to listen to it.

Glenn Duker
Now, you’d think that once you pay your money, you own the file and therefore can do whatever you like with it, right? Like say, bequeath your collection to a loved one when you pass away?

Don’t be so sure about that.

If you’re like most people, when you log on to iTunes and the ‘changes to terms and conditions’ screen appears every now and then, you probably scroll to the bottom without actually reading the Ts and Cs to click on the Agree button. What is stated in the terms and conditions though, is this:

‘You agree that the iTunes Products are provided to you by way of a licence only. This means you cannot legally bequeath your iTunes library.’

Kindle owners who like to purchase ebooks from the Amazon store will find in their terms and conditions:
‘You do not acquire any ownership rights in the software or music content.’

So effectively you’re not paying for ownership of the file, you’re paying for the licence to use their files, and that licence cannot be transferred. Technically that licence expires when you do.

Many of us over recent years have built up extensive digital libraries of music, movies and books. While the law has not yet caught up with technology, it’s presumptuous to say that it won’t ever. In time we may be able to legally pass those libraries on to loved ones in our wills. To be sure that your will is in order, make an appointment with lawyer and solicitor Glenn Duker today.

Have A Nice Divorce, with Glenn Duker, Solicitor and Lawyer

As divorce has become more acceptable over the years, not surprisingly it has also become more common – and thus more likely to be amicable. However, everyone knows examples of divorces that haven’t been so friendly – and when these take place in the public eye, they become news.

Glenn Duker
Case in point: the high-profile divorce of celebrity chef Bobby Flay and Law and Order: SVU actress Stephanie March.  Originally filed by Flay back in April, the divorce has become a long and bitter fight in court as March disputes the terms of their pre-nup agreement. She has argued that Flay’s cheating is the ultimate reason for the divorce. March also claims she’s entitled to more than the pre-nup offers, believing that her taste testing abilities facilitated the success of his restaurant, and that she never received her share of the prize money won by the racehorse her then-husband gave her as a present. The latest manifestation of all this argy-bargy saw a plane that was flown in the sky above Flay as he unveiled his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, towing a banner that simply read “cheater” throughout the entirety of his speech. March has denied responsibility for this slur.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. An amicable divorce saves you a lot of time and stress, and if there are children involved, it’s obviously better all round. But as long as you haven’t caused acrimony by cheating on your partner, there are steps you can take to avoid a hostile divorce.

The first is to engage the help of an expert (and sensitive) lawyer to help the two of you decide how to best divide your assets. Financial and legal matters of separation can be quite complex and it’s very helpful to have a professional by your side as you negotiate these things. It’s also often very helpful to have a ‘neutral’ mediator to help you arrive at decisions together.

Once you’ve made the final decisions and are both happy with the outcome, you require a solicitor to formalise it in writing. This makes the outcome a binding contract, so you want to be sure the process of its creation has been followed thoroughly. You can challenge it afterwards, but again this is a costly and time-consuming process – and it’s not likely to be successful.

When going through a divorce, make sure you get an expert such as Glenn Duker, solicitor and lawyer to handle your case with thoroughness and sensitivity.

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Glenn Duker’s Advice On Key Points To Consider When Making An Employee Termination Payment

Employees are qualified for a termination pay when their position is made repetitive. This, basically, is the fiscal rights that are lawfully because of them. Case in point, they may be qualified for pay in lieu of notification or severance pay, and they will be qualified for being paid out the yearly leave that they have gathered.

Glenn Duker
As an employer, you are lawfully needed to pay your colleagues a termination instalment when you release them.

This may be a mistaking range for unpractised directors, as there are a couple of viewpoints to audit before you make the instalment. Before concluding instalment to a withdrawing employee, you have to consider a couple of things to focus the perfect add up to pay. Here are some key inquiries to consider:
  1. Are they qualified for a termination pay?
  2. What sort of termination pay is they really qualified for, e.g. notification pays, severance pay, and so forth.
  3. Will they be keeping on working until the finish of their notification date?
  4. Are they qualified for severance pay?
  5. What are their yearly leave and/or long administration leave qualifications?
  6. Is there whatever other instalments needed for the employee under?
      1. Their contract of livelihood?
      2. A termination endeavour assertion?
      3. A present day honour?
7. What is the expense payable?
8. What expense exclusions request severance pay?

When you have addressed these inquiries, make certain to twofold check your figures before finishing the instalment. You might likewise decide to look for assistance from a monetary counsel to check figures.
For more data or in the event that you require exhortation with respect to this matter, kindly don't falter to contact legal advisor and specialist Glenn Duker.

Glenn Duker, Solicitor And Lawyer Explains About Employee Resignation Due To Arguments And Fights

Contradictions in the middle of managers and their staff are not extraordinary in the work environment. At times, these contentions can turn out to be exceptionally strained and you may be confronted with a quandary when your representative chooses to leave without giving it much thought.

Glenn Duker

There are no strict conventions with regards to taking care of dubious circumstances like these. As a director, what are the most ideal approaches to continue with a disclosure like this? Is it viewed as a lawful abdication?

Glenn Duker, lawyer, prompts that alert ought to be practiced in the occasion of this situation. As a rule, courts have found that the superintendent has an obligation to be clear and to illuminate whether there has actually been an abdication.

In the event that a worker leaves seemingly out of the blue, there are two key things to do:
  • Allow them a sensible measure of time to cool off
  • Seek affirmation that they do really plan to leave
For the most part, if a worker affirms the renunciation after some reasoning time, or participates in activities that demonstrate they are disappointed with how they have been dealt with by administration, it is sensible for you to regard it as a legitimate resignation. In this occasion, the representative will start setting up an official acquiescence letter.

Now and again, a letter or email of renunciation may not be acknowledged as legitimate. This is particularly genuine if soon after the beginning warmed meeting, as a court may choose that there are insufficient sensible grounds to remember it.

On the off chance that you require more exhortation or help with this matter from an accomplished specialist and legal advisor – don't dither to contact Glenn Duker.

Glenn Duker Solicitor and Lawyer explains about the mutual consent divorce and its process

Going through a divorce is not at all a happening event in anyone’s life. It is heart-wrenching to depart with all the happiness, feelings and love. However, sometimes two good people fail to make one good life and the divorce is unavoidable. While some couples make the whole process difficult for them and others, there are many couples who depart gracefully. The Kardashian family comes in later category.

Glenn Duker
After 22 years of marriage, Kris Kardashian and Bruce Jenner decided to depart their ways and divided the property worth $60 million fortune without any quarrels or arguments.

Divorce with mutual consent is always a good event. Not only it is less stressful, it also saves lots of time, energy and money. Once you came to an agreement about the property, you can avoid the court trials and other unwanted situations. However, to complete the financial settlements legitimately and precisely, you need to hire a professional lawyer like Glenn Duker.

Once you've traded all the significant budgetary documentation, there are three choices for your next step. These are:

• Putting an offer in composing. Getting an attorney to help will guarantee that your archive incorporates all the applicable data and each point is considered.
• A round table meeting. This includes a meeting between you and your legal counselors to attempt and settle the matter agreeably.
• Mediation. The go between is typically an accomplished family attorney who goes about as an impartial eyewitness with master knowledge, trying to help the two gatherings achieve a determination.

When you achieve an understanding, your specialist will formalize it in keeping in touch with make it tying and enforceable – so you need to be completely certain that due steadiness has been taken amid the arrangement process. You can endeavour to change the separation declare after it has been issued by the court, yet this includes recording an offer which is a drawn-out and strenuous procedure - additionally, these won't have a tendency to be conceded unless there are unordinary or convincing circumstances.

Contact Glenn Duker, solicitor for completing your property settlement right the first run through.

Glenn Duker, solicitor – an expert for will and inherited property related matters

How you would feel when you suddenly get an email or letter stating that you have got an inherited property of xyz amount from Mr. A who is your distance relative. Sometimes, you may witness miracles when it comes to inherited property cases. This same incident happened with 39 people unaware of other’s existence and lived in different countries when an old man in the East of England died.

Glenn Duker

John Floyd, a citizen of the England, died at the age of 75, without any will and statement and the irony was that he was unmarried. He had nobody after him to take care of his property. He owned an estate worth 75000 pounds and that would be owned by the state if the authorities fail to find his relatives.

Enter John King, accomplice and leader of the wills trust and probate group for nearby law office Pictons. He depicts this as a standout amongst the most confused cases he has ever had- he dealt with it for three long years. Following Mr Floyd's benefits through sixteen diverse financial balances, and also different shareholdings and ventures was troublesome. Yet, finding relatives – relatives of Mr. Floyd's eight close relatives and uncles – was a genuine assignment, including a mind boggling family tree with branches reaching out from the UK to Europe, the US and Australia.

At last 39 individuals who had a case to Mr Floyd's home were found. Payouts fluctuated from £67,000 to £900, contingent upon intestacy guidelines in light of how nearly beneficiaries are identified with Mr. Floyd. However shut the relation, none of these individuals had ever met their elderly relative; some had never at any point knew about him. Mr King said it was a pitiful case and a decent indication of that it is so imperative to make a will.

On the off chance that you'd like to examine making a will, or need to redraft your present record, contact Glenn Duker, specialist and attorney, for master comments.

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Glenn Duker, Solicitor and Lawyer, Talks about trademarks and intellectual property protection

When it comes to intellectual property and trademark protection, people generally don’t understand their importance. Remember that your trademark is your identity and must be protected. Therefore, you need to hire a professional like Glenn Duker – solicitor and lawyer to protect them legally. Furthermore, once you have registered your trademark, story is not over. You have to renew it at regular time interval to preserve it.

Glenn Duker
Having said that, the term of trademark enrolment is ten years, which gives you some more planning time than, say, an auto enlistment. There is a little effortlessness period as well – in the event that you let your replenishment date slip without paying the charges, you can resuscitate it for a time of 6 months after its expiry. However, once this period is over you need to refile your trademark. Applications are very costly and included, so it’s to your greatest advantage to stay away from redundancies!

Something else to be mindful of is that in the event that you enlist a trademark for utilization in Australia, however it goes unused for a time of 3 years, an outsider can make an application to expel it from the register. You must make sure you have an arrangement for your trademark when you enrol it!

If you have one trademark, following along shouldn't be a lot of an issue. For organizations with extensive arrangement of trademarks, all with diverse recharging dates, following along is a bit to a greater extent a test. Attempt to keep your records kept up and routinely redesigned – it will be well justified, despite all the trouble.

Contact Glenn Duker, attorney and specialist, for further guidance on lawful issues identifying with trademark.

More Bizarre Lawsuits

Just when you thought you’ve seen the craziest and most bizarre lawsuits, lawyer and solicitor Glenn Duker is back again with three more ridiculous stories to share.

Glenn Duker

The Hot Coffee Lawsuit (Liebeck v. McDonalds Restaurant)

In 1992, 79-year-old Stella Liebeck from Albuquerque, New Mexico, bought a cup of coffee from a drive-through McDonald’s. Liebeck was sitting in the passenger seat of the car, pulled over so she could add sugar to her coffee. As she removed the lid, she spilled the entire cup of coffee on her lap, burning her legs.

As she suffered third degree burns on her thighs, buttocks and groin, she required eight days of hospitalisation to undergo skin grafting, and two years of medical treatment thereafter. She successfully sued the fast food chain and received $160,000 in damages.

One Napkin Case

McDonalds is yet again in the firing line with this lawsuit. A man tried to sue McDonald’s for $US 1.5 million for the emotional distress of receiving only one napkin with his meal.

Webster Lucas ordered a Quarter Pounder Deluxe in Pacoima, Calif., in January 2014, and confronted the manager to ask for more napkins.

According to Lucas, the manager not only refused but “began to develop a nasty attitude”, making a racist comment and “mumbling something about ‘you people’.

African American Lucas said the ordeal had left him with "undue mental anguish" which rendered him unfit for work.

The Ugly Baby Case

In a 2012 case that garnered widespread notoriety through social media, a Chinese man sued his wife for giving birth to an extremely ugly baby.

When his daughter was born, Jian Feng could not believe that he and his beautiful wife produced such a hideous child. It was later revealed that his wife has undergone multiple surgeries to achieve her looks, and that the child was indeed theirs. So he took his wife to court, claiming that she had tricked him into marrying her. Incredibly, he won $75,000 in damages as the court ruled that his wife had indeed used “false premises” to lure him.

If you find yourself in a bizarre situation and believe a lawsuit is in order, give lawyer and solicitor Glenn Duker a call today for expert advice.

Glenn Duker, Lawyer explains about the compulsory acquisition of land

Have you watched the classic Australian movie The Castle? It is a film that exhibited the concept of compulsory acquisition of land. When the Kerrigan’s family’s home is taken away forcefully to make an airport there, they went to the High Court. During the trial, a lawyer speaks one of the finest reality-hitting statements- You can acquire a house, but you can’t acquire a home.

Glenn Duker
  Tragically, genuine instead of "reel life" is very much an alternate matter; mandatory acquisitions of area happen off and on again, and there's typically little to nothing proprietors can do about them. Statutory powers, for example, VicRoads, water powers, metropolitan gatherings and other government offices can have forces to procure your territory without your assent. This area can then be utilized for new streets and interstates, railroads, street broadening or deviations, parks, repositories, sewerage lives up to expectations, waste stores and different uses in people in general hobby.

You do have rights under this procedure, then again, and there are strict procedures that powers need to take after when undertaking obligatory securing. You are qualified for remuneration for the loss of your property; however the area proprietor and the gaining powers frequently differ about the estimation of pay required.

On the off chance that your "manor" is under danger, you require an attorney with involvement in arranging remuneration through the mandatory obtaining procedure. Glenn Duker, solicitor and attorney, has the experience you require – and promiseshe knowshis"sections" and won't surrender your outcomes over to the "vibe".

Contact Glenn Duker, solicitor to complete buying and selling business deals perfectly

When it comes to business buying and selling, it requires lot of efforts, time and energy. There are so many legal terminologies and formalities we need to understand to perform this task. Some individuals simply shorten this long process by hiring an experienced legal expert like Glenn Duker, Lawyer, to perform all these tasks on their behalf.

Glenn Duker

Buying and selling a business is very diverse to selling a television set or mobile phone. Potential buyers hope to see various diverse things arranged for them before notwithstanding considering the buy. Setting up your business available to be purchased obliges assembling all the data you can, including resources and liabilities. This serves to focus the worth. It's discriminatingly essential to have your books forward as one of the first things a buyer will request is past budgetary articulations.

Buyers will likewise expect a business conjecture for a long time to come. These figures should be as practical as could be allowed, as delivering untruthful reports will bring more inconvenience than they are worth.

While get ready for the deal, it’s more essential than any other time in recent memory to keep your business running and conceivable. It's justifiable that get ready for the deal will take up time that will have regularly been spent maintaining the business. Be that as it may, this is the ideal opportunity to have everything all together, making it tempting for potential buyers. Consider it keeping your home in prime condition just before an open house review.

These are only some beginning considerations if you are considering selling. For expert exhortation, please contact Glenn Duker, Solicitor today. Keep in mind, on the off chance that somebody has made you an offer for your business you ought to be complimented, not undermined. Think about this as affirmation that you have get to be sufficiently fruitful to represent a danger to contenders.