Sunday, 27 November 2016

Stay Away from Trouble with Glenn Duker Lawyer - Celebrity Restraining Orders 101

It's a scary world out there; especially for celebrities! There have been a massive number of reported cases in which crazed fans have stepped across the line in an attempt to meet their favourite stars. Here at the glenn duker lawyer's office, celebrity cases are not so common, but there are times when restraining or protection orders are the best cause of action.

Celebrities and restraining orders seem to go hand in hand. Whether they are the victim, such as Miley Cyrus and her stalker, or the perpetrator, like Mel Gibson to his step mother, Hollywood stars are always making the news with these legal battles.

Serial celebrity stalker, Karen McNeil, has faced court on more than one occasion. Justin Timberlake was forced to have an order placed on her after finding her in his Hollywood home for the third time. Karen conned her way in, claiming to be his friend. Now she cannot come within 100 yards of him, his home, or his car. In 1997, she also found herself in court in a similar case with Guns 'N' Roses star Axl Rose. Some people never learn.

In a bizarre case, 46 year-old Diana Napolis was under the belief that Steven Spielberg and his wife were members of a satanic cult and had placed a soul catching microchip in her brain. A judge ordered that she wasn't to come within 150m of Spielberg as she posed a serious threat to him and his family.

Former tennis star Anna Kournikova has endured her share of crazed fan attention. 40 year-old William Lepeska has been ordered to stay at least 1,000ft away after swimming, naked towards her Miami Beach home. The man was arrested after mistakenly getting out of the water at the wrong house.

While these are extreme cases, glenn duker solicitor has dealt with a variety of restraining and protection orders situations.

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