Monday, 7 November 2016

Glenn Duker Solicitor and Lawyer on Amicable Property Settlement After Divorce

The Kardashian family are an example to us all – at least, when it comes to divorce. After 22 years of marriage, Kris Kardashian and Bruce Jenner are splitting their $60 million fortune right down the middle without argument.

Obviously, an amicable divorce is preferable to an acrimonious one. Not only is it less stressful, but also less costly and time-consuming. If you are in agreement about division of assets, you can avoid going to court.

However, the process involves complicated financial settlements and legal documents, which meanyou'll still requirethe assistance of a reliable lawyer like Glenn Duker. Once you've exchanged all the relevant financial documentation, there are three options for your next step.

These are:
  • Putting an offer in writing. Getting a lawyer to help will ensure that your document includes all the relevant information and every angle is considered.
  • A round table conference. This involves a meeting between the two of you and your lawyers to try and settle the matter amicably.
  • Mediation. The mediator is usually an experienced family lawyer who acts as a neutral observer with expert knowledge, trying to help the two parties reach a resolution.
Once you reach an agreement, your solicitor will formalize it in writing to make it binding and enforceable – so you want to be absolutely sure that due diligence has been taken during the negotiation process. You can attempt to modify the divorce decree after it's been issued by the court, but this involves filing an appeal which is a drawn-out and strenuous process – also, these won't tend to be granted unless there are unusual or compelling circumstances.

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