Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Glenn Duker - Litigation Lawyer Melbourne

Going to court isn't anyone's idea of fun. There are alternative forms of conflict resolution available such as mediation, and these are definitely worth serious consideration as they are far less expensive and time-consuming. Unfortunately, commercial relations can become too acrimonious and complicated for these options to be workable, and then deadlock sets in. That's when you want Glenn Duker, lawyer, to handle your affairs.

What factors might make litigation a viable option? First of all, because it's an expensive process, there needs to be a lot at stake financially to make it worth pursuing. Second, you want to be sure you've ruled out any other chance of resolution, as it's unlikely the two parties will have any business relationship afterwards. There may be other factors, too; perhaps you are being stonewalled and you want to use discovery in court to gain access to important documents. Or, if there are multiple parties involved in the disagreement, alternative resolution might be too difficult to implement.

If there's a strong background of case law for your particular dispute and the law governing the area is settled, your outcome from litigation could be more predictable than from other forms of resolution. On the other end of the scale, it may be an issue of principle – perhaps you want to establish a legal precedent to discourage certain behaviors and actions in future.

Whatever your reasons for engaging in litigation, you want an expert advocate and guide. Glenn Duker solicitor and lawyer, has years of experience in commercial litigation on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.

You can be confident that when you have Glenn Duker in your corner, your interests will be faithfully and comprehensively represented. To know more in detail about his service or get in touch with him, visit:

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