Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Questions to ask a lawyer before signing the papers

Any given city is full of lawyers. Because there are a few too many unapproachable lawyers out there who just do not adhere to some basics of client servicing after a client signs him/her up on a case. Here are a few questions each and every one of you must ask a lawyer such as glenn duker in the first meeting itself before arrive upon a decision of choosing him.
  • What is your area of expertise? Some experienced lawyers such as glen duker practice in several related areas while some focus on one area exclusively. Whatever the situation might be, he must have relevant experience in the field your case lies in.
  • What is your fee? What does the fee include? Are there any hidden taxes or charges applicable? A respectable lawyer such as glen duker lawyer will not only make all matters of payments clear on the first meeting, but also explain its nitty-gritty to you.
  • Are you a lawyer or a solicitor? They both have different roles regarding cases. Some lawyers practise as both such as glen duker solicitor.

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