Friday, 22 May 2015

Legal Woes for Voltage Pictures

After making the news for aggressively pursuing illegal Australian downloaders (see Glenn Duker’s previous post, Intellectual Property in the Digital Information Age), Voltage Pictures – the company behind Dallas Buyer’s Club – is again making headlines for legal reasons. This time, however, instead of suing for copyright infringement, they’re being sued themselves by another film company – for copyright infringement.

Glenn Duker
The Japanese owners of the rights to Godzilla claim that Voltage Pictures is advertising and selling a film that features strong parallels to the original story of the giant lizard without seeking permission first. “That anyone would engage in such blatant infringement of another’s intellectual property is wrong enough,” the lawsuit states. It goes on to mention the “outrageous” behaviour from a company that is known for “zealously protecting their own copyrights”.

While the irony of the situation is apparent, these recent lawsuits surrounding copyright infringement highlight the ever increasing relevance and importance of intellectual property. If you require assistance with matters of IP, get in touch with professional lawyer Glenn Duker today. Whether you’re being accused of copyright infringement or you need to protect your own property, Glenn can provide useful advice and assistance. 

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