Friday, 22 May 2015

How to Settle a Lease Dispute

If you’re currently embroiled in a residential or commercial lease dispute – whether you’re a tenant or a landlord – there’s no need to panic. Before you stress, take a deep breath and read this quick guide to settling a lease dispute, brought to you by lease lawyer Glenn Duker.

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Attempt negotiation

The first step to take is to enter into negotiations with the other party. After all, communication is the key to resolving conflicts, and it’s quite possible that you could arrive at a peaceful resolution by simply talking through the issue together. If this isn’t enough, you’ll still be able to establish what each party’s wants and needs are in order to further understand how the dispute can be resolved. 

Agree to compromise

Sometimes, the only way to resolve a lease dispute is to agree to compromise. Maybe the other party is asking for something you’re reluctant to budge on – if this is the case, try to determine if there’s a way of meeting in the middle. For instance, if it’s a dispute over a proposed rental increase, the landlord could compromise by reducing the increase by an agreed amount. 

Bring in a lease lawyer

If all else fails, bringing in a lawyer who is well versed and experienced in lease matters can help to resolve even the most stubborn disputes. A professional lease lawyer such as solicitor Glenn Duker will provide useful advice and information to help resolve both big and small lease disputes, allowing you to reach a satisfying outcome. 

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