Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Defendant VS the Media with Glenn Duker, Lawyer

You’d be living under a rock if you hadn’t heard about the ASADA driven peptides investigation that rocked the Australian sporting landscape, dragging two marquee clubs in two different codes through a media hell-storm. Regardless of who’s to blame, there’s one thing you simply cannot do without in tough situations like these – a reliable, experienced lawyer and solicitor like Glenn Duker.

This has obviously been a high-profile case in Melbourne and throughout Australia – even registering a blip worldwide at one point! Positions like this can be extremely difficult for defendants and the prosecution alike. How do you let the facts speak for themselves when such an enormous contingent of the media is feasting off every theory, every fabricated truth and any vague hint of information? Every legal situation is different, and there’s no easy answer.

The best way to attack such a situation is by employing the services of the best legal team you can find. A reputable lawyer and solicitor, such as Glenn Duker, will be your first line of defence in both the court of law, and the court of public opinion.

If you think about the Essendon Football Club and the Cronulla Sharks, we may never know what those players were injected with – and yet the public perception is extremely negative. That’s the power of the media. We present a united team. There’s no point splintering into factions, all it will do is weaken you resolve and severely weaken your defence.  A reputable lawyer will help you combat this if you ever find yourself embroiled in a high-profile lawsuit. In a perfect world, you won’t find yourself in need of such services. Though as we know, these incidents can occur at any time. It’s best to stay protected!

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