Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Employer Obligations for End-of-Year Functions with Glenn Duker, Lawyer and Solicitor

It’s nearing that time of the year again. You are wrapping up for the year and hosting celebrations for your employees with events like the company Christmas party. Although it is a social function and no ‘work’ is being undertaken, the event still falls under standard employment law and health and safety practices. You still owe a duty of care to your employees and other guests, and you can be held liable for any incidents (e.g. sexual harassments, accidents, injuries etc.) that occur.

To ensure that all employees and guests are safe, be sure to make these preparations as advised by solicitor and lawyer, Glenn Duker:

Determine the kind of function

Different kinds of eventsexpose to a variety of risks. It is essential for you to identify the type of function you are hosting to assist in your pre-event preparations. Whether you’re hosting an elegant dinner or a sporting team awards night, you have to prepare for your events accordingly.

Do you need insurance?

Does your insurance policy cover the type of event you are planning? As it depends on the specific terms of your policy, there may be conditions that you are required to follow to have your event insured.

What about the venue?

The location of your function is important as you will be able to gauge if there are any hazards to consider. Different locations carry specific risks.

Ensure that your policies are up-to-date

It is advisable to ensure that your workplace policies, like bullying and sexual harassment are up to date. It is also important that your workers are aware that these policies will apply to their conduct at the function.

Emergency procedures

Ensure that your employees are aware of any emergency procedures and facilities. This includes the location of the first aid kit,evacuation and who the first-aider is, etc.

Travel arrangements

You might need to consider providing transport for your employees if alcohol is served at the function. You must always remind your employees to drink responsibility.

For more information on protecting your business and employees, contact Glenn Duker – solicitor and lawyer.

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