Monday, 13 October 2014

Ludicrous Litigation – A Reimbursement for Rats with Glenn Duker, Lawyer

In the quest for what is right in the world (or a large sum of money), there have been many amusing, or even down-right ridiculous, litigation cases in our time. Having a good legal representative on your side such as Glenn Duker, Lawyer, is what you need if you are going to pursue such claims. Fictional cases such as Seinfeld character, Cosmo Kramer suing a coffee company after spilling hot coffee on himself are actually tame in comparison to some of the real life cases that crop up these days. Today we are going to discuss a bold claim from American citizen, Austin Aitken after watching an episode of the reality show Fear Factor.

Austin was gearing up for a night of wholesome entertainment, watching one of his favourite reality shows. Little did he know of the ordeal he was about to put himself through. While previous episodes often featured contestants eating creepy crawlies and other squirmy things such as live earthworms, Austin believed this latest instalment crossed the line.

In this episode, contestants were given the opportunity to drink a thick rat milkshake consisting of 100% ground up rat. Austin claimed that the scene was so disgusting that it affected his health. After watching the episode (which he was unable to turn off because it was too quick), he became disoriented and smashed into his door, causing serious injury.

"These networks are going too far, period. They need to check themselves, clean up their own acts".
The case was thrown out.

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