Friday, 12 February 2016

Core Responsibilities of a Solicitor Includes The Following

Solicitors are ones who takes care of all the legal proceedings that takes place in any case with an exception of appearing in the court. Not many part of the world use such services as the law firm takes care of the all procedure. However in countries like Australia and UK, the services of solicitors are still required. The barristers appear in front of the court and fight the case while solicitors such as glenn duker takes care of the legal matters and device a strategy for the barrister.

Core Responsibilities:

  • A client directly approaches to the solicitor. After careful consideration listening to the clients concerns and case, solicitors will take care of the legal proceedings and initiate the case.
  • A solicitor can choose the barrister they prefer and the type of work they take can vary from any field such as industrial, conveyancing, business law, commercial lease and many more.

The responsibilities are not limited to this and they can vary as per the firm’s requirement as well. 

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