Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Barristers & Solicitors Are Different - Here Is How

The two terms barrister and solicitor are widely used, but the thin line between them has faded over the years. Very few people know that there role of both of them are different. Barristers usually appear in court while professional solicitor like Glen Duker presents your case to barristers and court. 

A solicitor is a lawyer has studies law and generally do not represent in front of court. Service man like Glen Duker acts as a middleman between the client and the barrister. They usually plan the strategy of the case and offers guidelines for the barrister to follow. 

The barrister is the one who actually appears in the court and judge to represent the case. The usual meeting with clients doesn’t happen with barristers and they follow the strategy and guidelines provided by the solicitors. It is the choice of a solicitor about which barrister he wants to work with for a particular case. 

However, in recent times the firm hires both barrister and solicitor but there job description remains different. 

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