Sunday, 4 January 2015

How to prepare for your first consultation with a lawyer such as glenn duker?

We never expect to fall into a legal problem and never really prepare for one if we do. However, any consultation with a successful lawyer such as glenn duker can be expensive and it is important to go prepared. Here are a few basic things you must keep in mind before your consultation.
  • First of all, collect and organise all the documents related to the case into a file and carry it along while you go to meet him.
  • Legal advice can get complicated and it is advisable to always take notes.
  • You must have heard it before and I am about to repeat it again, never lie to your lawyer! In order for him to help you, you must be honest with him. Also, be open to listening to his opinions, advice, etc.
  • Good lawyers such as glen duker lawyer will always be straight with you regarding their fees and other expenses. It is best to start on a clear note.
  • Lastly, be organised and keep a copy of all documents with you for reference.

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