Monday, 19 January 2015

Glen Duker solicitor: The role of a good solicitor while drawing a will

While drawing a will, many times things are very simple, cut and dry and one doesn’t feel the need for a lawyer. But whenever there is the mention of a legal document, a threat arises in our minds whether we did it right? Let us look at why you need a lawyer like Glen Duker to draw your will?
  • Do you know about inheritance tax? Your spouse or children are subject to inheritance tax and there are specific laws guiding such taxes.
  • What about other complications? If you wish to distribute you property among all your children including a child from a previous spouse, the laws can be complex and you will need a solicitor such as Glen Duker solicitor to ease the process out for you.
  • In case of a business, it is a separate entity. But if you wish to convert it to your personal property that your children inherit; Glen Duker lawyer will take care of the necessary paperwork and other formalities.
  • If you have property overseas; like a holiday home or an online global business, the laws of that particular country needs to be analysed. Something only a trained lawyer such as Glenn Duker is capable of.

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