Monday, 23 February 2015

Glenn Duker- Understanding the difference between a lawyer and a solicitor

Many wonder what is the real difference between a lawyer and a solicitor. And while the internet is filled with varying answers, it is important to understand that the answer to that question varies from state to state, country to country. Many like Glenn duker practise as a lawyer as well as a solicitor. Let us take a brief look at the meaning of these terms.

Firstly, a lawyer such as glen duker lawyer is a general term which includes both solicitors as well as barristers. A solicitor however, is a kind of lawyer who is in direct touch with client, takes care of the documentation and legal advice. He may also represent a client in front of the magistrate.

A barrister however, is a kind of lawyer who represents the client in the court. He often deals with a solicitor and not directly with the client. A good solicitor such as glen duker solicitor may also act as a barrister in some cases.

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  1. I did not know there was indeed a difference between a lawyer and a solicitor. Good to know a solicitor is the kind of lawyer that fights for you in court, and does not deal with a middle man first. If I ever get in any kind of legal trouble I want to get the best solicitor out there that I can afford.