Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Things no one tells you while you choose a lawyer

Choosing a lawyer can be a major life changing decision. So let’s speak of a few things you need to remember before you make the decision.
  • The first thing you must do is look for testimonials and references. Most established lawyers such as Glen duker have their own website where you can read about his services.
  •  Secondly, discuss his fees. And ask what his fees are inclusive of. Many lawyers like Glenn duker might have all inclusive fees, but there might be additional costs such as printing and scanning costs, lawyer travel charges, etc.
  • Many lawyers also act as solicitors and give legal advice. Ask him in details about his services whether you require hiring a solicitor or does he perform both roles such as glen duker solicitor.
  • Ask for his availability and make sure you are comfortable with him. Make sure he doesn’t overfeed you legal jargon and makes you feel comfortable.
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