Thursday, 21 January 2016

Employee Contract- What Glenn Duker Suggests

If you are an employer, you do understand the importance of drafting a precise and effective employment contract document. You can avoid so many disputes in the future if your employment contract is written perfectly by the good lawyer. Here, we will discuss the expert’s opinion about employment contract form.
  • Glenn Duker is a renowned lawyer in Australia and expert in different kinds of legal practices. According to him, when an employer drafts a employment contract form, he should mention all the rules and regulations that he wants to practice in the organization including leave policies, behavioral expectations and working ethics.
  • Furthermore, Glenn Duker, solicitor, adds that you should also mention the proper remuneration structure and increment policies in the employment draft too that will help employees to understand the working environment of the organization.
  • “You also need to make sure that the employee signs at all the pages of the employment contract form to confirm his acceptance of the contract.” He adds.

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